Interpreting services

A – German (mother tongue) ⇔ English
B – English (active foreign language) ⇔ German
C – French (passive foreign language) ⇒ English, German

In the above language combinations I can provide:

Interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage):
either on my own (consecutive, short chuchotage) or with a team (simultaneous interpretation, longer chuchotage) in a wide variety of disciplines (politics, economics, finance, technology, science, IT, art and humanities, social sciences, legal topics, …). The differences between the various techniques are explained under Definitions.

Conference consulting and organisation:

Are you planning a large conference with several working languages requiring a full team of interpreters (including simultaneous interpretation equipment)? If so, there are several things I would need to know so as to provide you with a tailor-made quote: the type of event, the venue, the approximate number of participants requiring translation, the date(s) and working hours and the number of working languages. I also need to know whether there will be breakout sessions and whether any or all of them require interpretation in all working languages. Just send me an email and I will be happy to supply an estimate.

Interpreting well at technical conferences or indeed at any meeting dealing with a specialised topic requires thorough preparation – something that is second nature to me and the colleagues I work with. You can facilitate those preparations and help ensure the best possible services by supplying me with any of the following items you have in advance of the event: general information about the conference/event/company, agenda and detailed programme, presentations/manuscripts/speaking notes, list of participants, minutes of previous related meetings, background reading material, glossaries of company-specific or industry-specific terms, etc…

Please refer to the References page for customer references and examples of conferences for which I organised the team or where I was part of a team put together by a colleague.