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In recent years I have focused increasingly in my written translations on the visual arts, music, cultural topics, the humanities and science communication as my specialty area. See below for a list of relevant publications (for which I did all or part of the translation work. Short extracts of translations I made are provided on the “Work samples” page to give you a flavour of my output .
If my translations into English (about 85% of my written work is into English) are intended for publication in a catalogue, brochure, website or the like, I always have them checked by qualified and experienced revisers who are native English speakers. I consider that to be part of the professional diligence I owe my clients and it offers them a double benefit: they can rest assured that I fully understand the German original in all its nuances and the reviser will make sure that my translation fully reflects the content of the original and achieves the appropriate style to give an English reader an equivalent impression to a German reader’s. For the exacting type of texts in which I specialise such an approach seems indispensable to me. This service is included in my rates.
My rates are usually calculated on the basis of lines (a “line” is defined as comprising 55 characters), but per-word rates can also be provided. The rate per line is currently between € 1.80 – 2.10 (+20% VAT) depending on the type of text, length, difficulty, research effort and urgency. I will be pleased to provide a binding quote if you send me your original text (preferably by email).


Museum Angerlehner
2022: Kunst.Leben.Leidenschaft, Publikation anlässlich 10 Jahre Museum Angelehner

Akademy of Fine Arts Vienna
2021: Booklet zurAusstellung Hungry for Time
2021: various short texts, texts for the website
2022: various short texts

State Gallery of Lower Austria (2019 – )
2019: Franz Hauer, two essays for the catalogue
2020: Ticket to the Moon, catalogue
2020: Michael Goldgruber – Traum.Land, artist book
2020: Spuren und Masken der Flucht, catalogue
2021: auf zu neuem, catalogue
2021: Margot Pilz, catalogue
2022: Donald made in Austria, catalogue (Karikaturmuseum Krems)

FWF – Austrian Science Fund (2015 – )
Project descriptions and other science communication texts for the FWF homepage and the scilog magazine.

Salzburger Festspiele/Salzburg Festival (2013 – )
Translations of essays for programme booklets

Öst. Galerie Belvedere (2008 – )
Texts for exhibition catalogues

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (2016 – )
Exhibition handouts for the exhibitions Cat’s Cradle & Lions’ Den, Mustangs
various texts for the website, press releases

Architekturzentrum Wien (2017 – )
Exhibition brochure for Assemble. How we build.

Collections of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2010: Kinetismus
2012: Oskar Kokoschka, Fotobiographie

Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Constitution and Media
2012: Desiring the Real. Austria Contemporary (cat.)

Burgtheater Wien (2009 – )
Website texts, folders

Sammlung Essl
Image brochure, homepage, folders

2000: Georg Baselitz, Im Walde von Blainville
2000: Dreamtime
2001: Reisen ins Ich – Künstler/Selbst/Bild (
2001: Only Fire – Fabrizio Plessi
2002: Augenblick – Foto Kunst
2002: [un]gemalt
2003: Elke Krystufek
2003: Balkan – Blut und Honig
2003: Hermann Nitsch
2003: Junge Wilde – eine Entwicklung
2004: Spirit & Vision – Aboriginal Art
2004: Visions of America
2005: Maria Lassnig: body – fiction – nature
2005: Tapiès – Rainer: porteur de secret
2005: Figur – Skulptur
2005: hotspots
2005: Essl Award 2005
2006: China Now
2006: Emerging Artists
2007: Passion for Art – Jubiläumsausst.
2007: Jörg Immendorf- Was uns Malerei bedeuten kann
2007: Jonathan Meese – Fräulein Atlantis
2007: Prachensky – Frühe und späte Werke
2007: Essl Award 2007
2008: Jörg Immendorff
2008: Israel – Palästina
2009: Alfons Schilling
2009: Cornelius Kolig
2009: Chalo India
2009: Essl Award 09
2009: Daniel Richter
2009: Aspekte des Sammelns
2009: Hubert Scheibl
2010: Albert Öhlen,, Schönes Klosterneuburg
2011: Heimo Zobernig
2011: Festival der Tiere
2011: Wolfgang Herzig
2011: Rosa Loy und Neo Rauch
2011: Essl Award 2011
2011: Anselm Kiefer
2012: Cecily Brown
2012: Franz Zadrazil
2012: Xenia Hausner
2012: Martin Schnur
2013: Essl Award CEE 2013
2014: Weltenbummler
2015: Essl Award CEE 2015

Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
1996: Hermann Nitsch, das Orgien Mysterien Theater (cat.)
1996: ERRÓ (cat.)
1997: Jiri Georg Dokoupil – Something Strange And Fantastic (cat.)
1998: Jean-Jacques Lebel (cat.)


Wiener Musik Galerie (Festival booklets)
1992: incident in jazz
1993: hans koller – the man who plays jazz
1994: parallel worlds
1994: reminiscin’ duke
1995: franz koglmann, pipetet
1998: O Moon My Pin-Up
1999: Icebreaker
2000: answers in progress
2001: musiconmusic
2002: TONFOLGEN – SOUNDPORTRAITS, 20 Jahre Wiener Musik Galerie
2007: Cioran
2008: Hommage an Franz Koglmann

betweeen the lines (btl) – Label
all CD liner notes
2000: between the lines – Playing with Jazz (Publikation zum 3. Konzert)
2001: Grenzüberschreitungen (Publikation zum 4. Konzert)
2002-3: Liner Notes, Presseaussendungen, Libretto (Christian Baier) zu Fear Death By Water von Franz Koglmann

Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary (T-B A21)
2004: ein-leuchten (cat.)
2005: Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 (programm booklet)

Publications by the Austrian Federal Press Service
1999: Johann Strauss
2002: Alpenpublikation anlässlich des internationalen Jahres der Berge
2004: Wiener Moderne 1890-1910
2005: Österreich 2005: Ein Gedankenjahr